The financial professional you choose should think long term and in the best interest of you, and your family!

Our team has over 30 years of experience helping people manage each phase of life. The people you work with should have the skills to serve you “completely”…We are those people.

At InFocus Financial Solutions, our mission is to help you through the entire process. Where most advisors stop short…we will work with you to help Grow & KEEP what you’ve worked so hard for.

We take you through an analysis that may help identify your current fi­nancial picture and design a custom approach to help you reach your goals for the future. From creating strategies designed to help build wealth, to putting steps in place to protect your loved ones, InFocus Financial Solutions helps you prepare for each phase in your ­financial life.


Who We Are

InFocus Financial Solutions is an independent wealth management firm based in Springfield, Missouri.  Since 1987, the founder and President of InFocus Financial, Mike Bennitt CFP, CIMA an Accredited Wealth Management Advisors, has been helping individuals and families meet the unique challenges they face now, as well as in the future.

Our company has two distinct divisions to serve our clients:

  • InFocus Wealth Management
  • InFocus Asset Protection Advisors


What We Do

We realize that many people have advisors who they have worked with for years, and yet many of those advisors have only addressed the “basics” while leaving “to chance” the more important issues facing their clients. InFocus Financial picks up where many advisors leave off. We are a company formed and focused on solutions to the most common problems that face the majority of Americans.

Those three key issues are:

  • The growth of money in preparation for retirement
  • The stability of assets and Income while in retirement
  • The preservation of assets throughout the final stages of retirement and distribution of your hard earned financial assets to loved ones.