At InFocus Financial Solutions, our mission is to help you through the entire process. Where most advisors stop short…we will work with you to help Grow & KEEP what you’ve worked so hard for.

We take you through an analysis that may help identify your current financial picture and design a custom approach to help you reach your goals for the future. From creating strategies designed to help build wealth, to putting steps in place to protect your loved ones, InFocus Financial Solutions helps you prepare for each phase in your ­financial life.


Who We Are

InFocus Financial Solutions is an independent wealth management firm based in Springfield, Missouri.  Since 1987. we have been helping individuals and families meet the unique challenges they face now, as well as in the future.

Our company has two distinct divisions to serve our clients:

  • InFocus Wealth Management

  • InFocus Asset Protection Advisors

What We Do

We realize that many people have advisors who they have worked with for years, and yet many of those advisors have only addressed the “basics” while leaving “to chance” the more important issues facing their clients. InFocus Financial picks up where many advisors leave off. We are a company formed and focused on solutions to the most common problems that face the majority of Americans.

Those three key issues are:

  • The growth of money in preparation for retirement

  • The stability of assets and Income while in retirement

  • The preservation of assets throughout the final stages of retirement and distribution of your hard earned financial assets to loved ones.

Our Philosophy

At InFocus Financial Solutions, our first objective is simply to understand you and your needs. At the point where we believe we are able to see your situation through “your eyes,” then and only then, we can step in and make a difference for you and your family. We want you to know that we treat each person as an individual. You are different than anyone else. As such, your individual needs call for custom solutions... not pie charts and other similar ”cookie cutter" methodologies like you find at most firms. You'll find that we ask a lot of questions, and we listen carefully.

Our most important goal is to earn your trust both now and in the future, and to be what we believe you want... a true financial advisor.

What You Can Expect:
Thorough, Complete, Unbiased

Our goal with an Income For Life plan is to help our clients manage their assets to last throughout retirement. InFocus Financial Solutions creates a road map for your retirement, designed in collaboration with you, using a 4-step process:


Clearly define and understand your planning needs and goals


Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of all sources of income, expenses, cash flow, taxes, current asset allocation, economic variables and health/longevity risks


Analysis of the facts and creation of a written, comprehensive plan in a language that you can understand


Implementation of plan: Unlike many plans that are only on paper and out of date three months later, our Income For Life plans live and breathe.  The impact of the market fluctuations, inflation and healthcare costs on your portfolio are of high priority to InFocus Financial Solutions. Upon implementation of the plan, we carefully monitor it to ensure it meets expectations - and communicate the results on a regular basis through periodic reviews and quarterly performance reports.

An Income For Life plan is designed to help you achieve your retirement goals, objectives, and ultimately give you reassurance that your retirement plan is on track.

Why You Should Choose Us


Our solutions are objectively determined based on your needs.


Over 30 years of serving the needs of individuals in the Midwest and across the U.S.


Business minded and educated professionals with some of the finest credentials available from the most discriminating organizations.


We pride ourselves on our constant search for NEW solutions to financial concerns that our clients face.  Unfortunately, we have found that many financial advisors overlook these solutions because they simply don't understand how to address the issues you face.

Financial Planning Experience

Complete and comprehensive.

Needs-Based Product Offerings

Whether your needs dictate CD's, stocks, bonds, annuities, life insurance, or a combination of many things…

Wealth Advisory Process

Infocus Financial has adopted the following five step process intended to meet your planning needs at every level.


Conduct a Discovery Interview in order to profile your goals and objectives.


Appraise your Assets and Resources in order to perform a Gap Analysis.

Evaluate Options

Provide appropriate options including an Asset Allocation Strategy, Investment Policy Statement, Insurance Audit, Wealth Protection Strategies, as well as Tax Efficient Strategies.


Implement customized strategies in your Action Plan that includes the evaluation and selection of specific investment managers, insurances as needed, along with wealth protection and tax reduction concepts.

Manage Change

Monitor the change that may occur in your plan and provide Progress Reports.